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What’s that marvellous smell? We stopped by the Tivoli Lodge kitchen and had a quick chat with chef David Garlinge. Born and raised in South Shields, England, he joined our team for the first time this season. When he isn’t busy crafting a delicious dish, he goes back home to Darlington in the North-East of England.
How long have you been working as a chef?
I got my first job as a kitchen porter at the age of 14, but my first chef job was at age 15.

What inspired you to become a chef?
Watching Gordon Ramsays “Boiling Point” on the television, and getting Marco Piere White’s “White Heat” cookbook when I was 13, and they made me think “that's it, that's what I want to do!”.

What's your favourite memory of working at the Tivoli Lodge?
With 2018/2019 being my first season, it's hard to pick a single memory as it has all be such a new experience. The work life balance is a huge bonus and the other staff are all so friendly - it hardly feels like work.

What's your favourite dish to cook?
I love cooking fish as it was my favourite section to be on when I worked for Gordon Ramsay – it’s the section where I really found my groove and flair.

What's your favourite dish to eat?
I love to eat Ramen - instant or when I make it at home - and spend hours making a good base stock. The best I've had was from a restaurant called Sosharu* owned my my old boss Jason Atherton.

(*Hungry for some Japanese cuisine? Sosharu is an izakaya-style restaurant in the heart of London, UK)

What's the most adventurous/crazy dish you've been asked to make?
I was once asked to make scallop tartare with white chocolate. I politely refused!

Any secret tips for someone interested to start cooking better?
Read as many cookbooks as you can and contact your favourite restaurant to ask if you can spend some time in the kitchen to learn and see what it's like. Try and fail, burn yourself, cut yourself (not on purpose). You learn more from failure than success, so embrace it and move on. Guten apetit!

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