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Your beautiful holiday in the mountains is never complete without a qualified ski instructor. No matter how comfortable you may feel on a pair of skiis, there’s always an instructor who can do it better - and nobody can blame them! Their ability to cut through fresh powder with effortless energy, while still being patient and friendly with a group of learning clients is a skill that takes years to master.
Tivoli Lodge is lucky enough to work alongside ski instructor Anthony, “Tony” Galeano, as one of our personal ski instructors for guests staying at the chalet. We caught up with him to get to know a bit better the man behind the goggles.

How long have you been a ski instructor for? Why did you decide to become one?
“I’ve been an instructor for 40 years. I wanted to make the sport that I loved into a job”

How long have you been instructing in Davos, and for Tivoli Lodge?
“I’ve been working in Davos for 28 seasons, and I have joined Tivoli Lodge for 10 of those. I was asked to look after Tivoli Lodge guests and ensure them an extra special service”

What is your fondest / funniest memory as a ski instructor?
“Once, I went skiing with a nearly 2 year old on Parsenn*. She had nappies on and refused to ski without her dummy to suck on. Another time, I was instructing a 3 year old who wouldn’t ski with blue ski boots on - she wanted red ones”.

(*The Parsenn is a 12km long run connecting Davos to Klosers!)

What's the most impressive thing you can do on skiis?
“Off the top of my head, skiing in neck deep powder. Or skiing 3.5 km, backwards, while instructing and keeping my clients speed in check”.

Any advice for a beginner skiier?
“The 1st day is the hardest - do not give up! Everyone succeeds with practice”.

Where's the best place you've ever skiied?
“Of course, the Davos/Klosters mountains”

Where is your favourite place to ski?
“The long descent from the Weissfluhgipfel (summit) to the Schifferbahn cable car over the Gauder and into the forest - 7 km of pure joy!”

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