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Here at the Tivoli Lodge everything runs like clockwork with the team ensuring that the bed linen is always fresh and the meals are served hot. When staying, you can’t help but take in the beautifully chic surroundings, and wonder who was able to bring together such a beautiful chalet in the middle of the Alps?

We caught up with our lead interior designer, Henriette Von Stockhausen, and got an exclusive insight into Tivoli Lodge’s uniquely crafted look.
What is your name, and where are you from?
Henriette von Stockhausen and I am from Austria originally. My design practice VSP Interiors is based in Dorset but we work across the UK and Europe.

How did your journey as an interior designer begin?
I studied at City & Guild of London Art Schools and Sotheby’s where I honed my appreciation and love for antique furniture and decorative design from 17th Century through to 20th Century. Having studied Interior Design at the Inchbald School of Design, I gained experience with leading interior designers including Stephen Ryan - who had been head of David Hicks Design. I also had a spell in theatre design which enabled me to indulge my more flamboyant side. I set up VSP Interiors in 2000 with my business partner Jane Petti.

What kind of variety in projects have you engaged with?
I have worked on various wonderful houses all over England and Europe. I have undertaken restoration projects including grade 1* listed country houses, which are a joy to work on and involve working with some great people in the industry. Other projects include a Georgian country house in Devon, an old farmhouse in Oxfordshire, a mansion in Buckinghamshire and manor houses in various parts of the country.

How did you come to work on Tivoli Lodge?
I initially was asked to do the interior design on the owner’s house in london a few years prior to the Davos project and I loved working with the family- they are still my most favourite client ever! When they asked me to help with Tivoli lodge i could not have been more excited.

What were your main sources of inspiration for Tivoli Lodge?
I grew up in the alps myself with a love of the mountains, snow, and the winter sport lifestyle, so I wasn’t short on inspiration. To top this my client took me to his family’s quarry to source local stone which we used wherever possible. I love using local materials wherever I can and the local landscape and vernacular is always my main inspiration. Things and colours look very different in different locations light etc

Did logistics ever collide with the design of the lodge?
Yes they did and there was one moment where we thought disaster had struck as the large transporters could not get through the arched viaduct up to the house by a millimeter. But we soon had it sorted and moved into smaller vans, shuttering everything up from the bottom of the road. Almost a nightmare!

Finally, what is a key, or "insider tip", on decorating/design?
I always try to mix a few modern pieces into a very traditional set up, or the other way round, using a few amazing antique pieces in a modern surrounding. This creates a juxtaposition and keeps things interesting for the eye - something unexpected always does the trick. This can also be done with scale: something very big in a small space for example will create a focal point of interest and make the small space seem extraordinary.

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